Greetings dear readers,

Did you wonder sometimes and asked yourselves this question- “what happened to me?”

Life can be very unpredictable; you can steer in one direction but for some reason it goes to the other. And one day, you could find yourself in a place which you never imagined to be in.

Those transformations can in various area in your life – Character, family, friends, financial situation, self-esteem level, appearance, mental state etc.

To be in that position can be quiet emotionally hard and challenging and even frustrating to a painful level.

Well, we as human beings try to avoid in all cost experiencing pain so of course we would want to do something about it!

Now I’ll try to guide you through some general steps towards way out:

  • Acknowledgment – if you noticed that something is very different from before and it’s affecting your life in a negative way, you have done the first step.
  • Awareness – Understand what’s bothering you exactly? There is any pain? Thoughts? Emotion? Try to seek the place in your body where is located. When this pain/emotion occurs, maybe it’s related to specific person presence or some goal which you struggling to achieve and in the past it was easy?

In this part you need to ask yourself hips of related questions and answer them.

  • Learn from the past – If in the past you where successful in something, and now you’re not, remember that you are still that person!

You need to sit and make investigation of your past, he is a guide. The difference between a smart person and an idiot it’s the first learn from his mistakes and the second is not. The same you can do with your right moves and decision’s and event mind-frame. Nevertheless, notice you cannot come back and be that person, but you can take the right insides to your better and experienced self today!

  • Action plan – Make a simple plan of action, what are the step which are you going to do in order to make a change? For each step you need to understand well what you outcome you will achieve by doing it. Imagine yourself making those steps and pay attention to your feelings; this is a good indicator if you are in the right direction.
  • Feedback – After sufficient amount of time you should check you progress and feelings where you stand, and if the plan is working. If you’re satisfied with you progress? Proceed. If not, you can go back to the awareness stage and recheck yourself.

Key element for this to work:

  • Persistence – Don’t stop until you get to the preplanned point, stick to the plan. I assure you, you will succeed.
  • Hope – Imagine, feel and see the end result, you know where are you going and how much joy it will give you when you achieve it.
  • Positive environment – In the awareness stage some people potentially could be connected to your state, somehow they made their influence. Add to your plan to minimize the connection with them or cut the connection totally. Add those people into your life, who contribute to your plan, It will increase the end result success drastically.

Some people could find hard to do this by themselves and they will seek a guide, therapist who will help integrate those steps for them.

It’s ok to be that person as well because we cannot be good at everything. Furthermore, there are people who progress the best when they are going to specific framework and know the other person expecting from him to achieve certain results.

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