I became vegan 3 years ago when I was 23 years old. I always been a spiritual person, and I knew about the influence of the food and water you feed your body on your awareness, mental state and body vibrations. Nevertheless, back then it penny hasn’t fall yet, I continued my spiritual development but every time some topic accrue regards food and diet I ignored those topics. My awareness doesn’t got it back then.
From little age I had some food issues. After I’ve finished with breastfeeding before kindergarten I didn’t like the food my mom gives me. Not that we didn’t have good food we weren’t rich family at all but we had enough for basic food. I asked questions about meat but didn’t understand how it comes to my plate. I didn’t like the taste of it, and after major struggle with my mom I eventually ate this. The most interesting part was that I didn’t liked fruits and vegetables, I was disgusted of them, if I was putting a single leaf my vomit reflex started to work immediately.

Moreover, when we had guests or went to some family event gatherings and sat across the table and eat, I acted differently from anybody else. People just sat, enjoyed their foods, with their plates collapsing from food and I had barely piece of bread on mine because I was disgusted by the texture of the food ‘s and wondered from what dish I won’t throw up.
All my life I did lots of sports, in seventh grade I studied in basketball class and also been a part of national basketball team for teenagers, after 2 years I moved to other school, stopped practicing basketball professionally but always maintain my shape and stamina. By the age of 23 when I had pain in my feet, I went to a doctor, did X-ray scan and had mine result. Surprisingly, he said that I have lots of small fractures all over my feet, and I need to rest at least several months. I was really confused with this announcement and had lots of thoughts running my mind. I just want to share with you some of them: “I’m only 23 years old! How it can be possible?” “I wear the most expansive and best running shoes” “I probably doing something wrong”. Yes, something definitely wrong. What could be wrong?

Later on when I traveled to New Zealand and working in some temp work, when I sat at dinner and just observed people I started noticing their eating habits and I contacted the dots – how they look, how they behave, how they feel and what are they eat, in then it was clear to me.

I immediately started to implement my new acknowledgment and decided to make a graduate change to more health food. At the beginning I put 50% vegetables and 50% cooked or meat/dairy products. The puke effect from leafs mysteriously disappeared and I could eat greens with no restrictions. The next week I made my plate with 75% live food and 25% dead tissues and I continue this graduate transition.

I didnt repeled my leaf texture anymore! and my body opened up to experinceing new food options like never before!

In the first months until I didn’t cut with animal products but after the third they were meals of the past.
After coming back to my country I had few months until I continue my professional social work practice so meanwhile I studied nutrition. I went from the beginning – what is the right food for human beings, different animal, fish etc.

Then I started investigating the human biology and physiology. I learn what happens to different kinds of foods when you eating them, for example like dead tissue like meat rot in the digestive canal (that’s why it’s so stink when you going to the toilet).
How to act and behave with people who still eating anything.
Most importantly – how to implement change to others.
After hundreds of hours of fascinating self nutrition studies, I choose the fruitarian raw diet – the diet contains from raw fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts. I also integrate cocked legumes from time to time. Furthermore, I avoid all kind of proceed products.

What are my reasons to become vegan?

Well, I’m spiritual student of life and know there is more beyond what we experience with our 5 senses. The food and water we feeding our body influence directly on our character, behavior, mood, thoughts, emotions and vibration frequency in particular. I wanted to raise those vibrations.
Second reason it was health. I don’t experience lots of healthy disbalance like I had in past: bone weaknesses, degeneration eyesight, teeth holes, bad memory, dry skin, headaches, cold etc. Now those things stayed in the past.
Third – Compassion towards animals. I didn’t want to take a part and invest my money into such cruel industry.
Back then people ate animals when they didn’t had a choise, for example they lived in north of Canada and had hard winter and they couldn’t grow anything, so in order to survive they hunted. But today, we have abundant verity of live food everywhere! Why people should take others lives when there is no necessity?
Now I’m 3 years vegan, feeling very good, without any vitamins shortage and have health stability.

Until this day, my close family and relatives think there is something wrong with my decision. It’s a cultural issue, but I’m very happy with my choice and I see and watch the change implement throughout the world regards human consciousness and awareness and more people give up regular, unhealthy proceed products of the “system”.

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