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Transition to Plant based diet

Plant based diet is the healthiest and most appropriate nutrition for humans.  

Whatever diet you on right now, with the right support, you will be able to make this important step to elevate your health.

Psycho-social support with immigration to NZ

Settlement support for individuals and families are immigrating to New Zealand the following:

Psychological support, arranging accommodation, dealing with government agencies, receiving social rights and more.

Overcoming Addictions

Are you suffering from an addiction and want to take back the control over your life? 

Alcohol, drugs, online addictions, sex addictions, shopping or any other kind of addiction that you are experiencing can be managed and stopped with the right approach.


Holistic Mental Health Theraphy

Treatment of mental health in a way which takes into account the physical health, spiritual health, psychological health and relationships of the person.

The approach is psychiatry and medication free striving to find the true cause of the problem.

Transurfing Reality

This approach is based on how the universe operates. when you are aware of, understand and practice  those concepts, life stops being a struggle. 

You dont need to fight your way in life or become someone. Its enough to accept who you are and “order” from the universe how you want your life to be.

How to Make that order? Inquire for more.

Therapy Groups Facilitations

  • Support groups
  • Psycho-educational groups
  • Skills development groups

Public Speaking

  • Presentations about health, Psychology, healthy lifestyle, nutrition. 
  • Presentations about spirituality

Past Life Regression

Highly effective holistic therapeutic  method which uses Hypnosis in order to bring a person back to his past life memories in order to heal the present

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