We are the creators of our own life but some of us lack of skills how to actually take control over this procedure of creation.
The laws of universe are precise and permanent so whenever you aware of the principles of creation of your reality or not, your life will manifest by those roles.
In this article I won’t discuss those roles; instead, I will focus on powerful technique based on those and combined with techniques that I learn from my NLP trainer and brain psychology sciences.
This technique is working 100% and each time you succeed attracting something you will be amazed how it will happen in your life.
It’s not difficult to acquire this technique but it has some basic conditions in order it to work for effectively. Ill discuss those after ill explain how to do it.

Are you Ready to create some miracles?

What you will need is:
• Large writing notebook with 3 themes at least

• Pen with comfortable color for your eyes.

• Quiet and comfortable environment – It can be your room, some place in nature.

The most important this place has to be quiet without any disturbances.

What to do:

There are main questions that you need to ask yourself which summarize you main life goals. It’s important to write a date (time not compulsory for this main technique).
>All the sentences that you write must be in a present tense.
>All the sentences must be written in a positive matter.
>You must write things which you really want in your life without feel shy about it, it’s between you and the universe and you’re hearth’s will, don’t comprise a bit! In the universe there is not limit, if there are things you consider big and hard to get for the universe it’s the same request as you wish to attract something small from your point of view.
After this short brief make yourself comfortable and move to

the main questions:

1) What will make me happy today?

What really will make you happy today? This question focuses on short term goal for the day, for example –
• I finish my work successfully, easy going and fun way and I don’t feel how the time passes by.
• I get surprise call from some unexpected person through the day.
• I meet with Y (without arranging with the person directly)
• I have written another amazing article today.


2) What will make me feel proud during the day?

Here you describe the situation you want to be in your main life subjects. These are general statuses in your life that you want to be during the day.

Examples –

• I’m successful business man; I’m making very good business decisions and always new business deals open up to me.
• I’m amazing writer and I write every day luxuries articles which make people stay speechless after they read them.
• I’m wonderful father, my children love and respect me and my wife admires me.

3) Life Gratitude

In this part you write all the things, people, situation and gifts you have in life. The more things you aware are good in your life when your write this the better. This will help you attract more of the things you already have and keep other from leaving your life.
• Thanks for the awakening! (in the morning I mean, it’s not for granted that you woke up for a new day! Cherish it! Be grateful)
• Thank you for my strong senses! (Eyesight or smelling etc.)
• Thank you for all the people who love in my life!
• Thank you for my good economic situation!
• Thank you for the option to enjoy good food, to digest it in healthy way and absorb nutrients effectively
• Thank you for all the good experiences I had, having and will have in life.

4) What will make me feel the most pleasure in life?

This is the most powerful question in this technique; here you must dedicate much more details than in the previous. How many details? As many as possible. The more details you will depose the more accurate result you will get in reality.


If you are single man/woman: you need to write what type of ideal woman/man you want In your life – appearance: height, hair( color, depth, length), skin (tined/white/smooth/shiny etc.) The way she dresses, her traits, how she will treat you in the relationship, the way she treat other people, sexual adjustment, goals, communication level etc.
If you have a partner – you will write how you see you ideal relationship as well. But be aware! Unexpected scenarios could happened, you relationship maybe could be better, but if you aren’t in the right relationship in the first place its can make to break apart. Again, the universe will bring you exactly what you asked for.
Here you describe you ideal home/community/town/way of living. Again, in much detail as possible – is it privet house or apartment or a boat? Temple? It can be anything, it depends what you’re heard really wish for.
I gave only two subjects, but there is unlimited amount of subjects can be written, it’s personal for every individual.

5) What believes I want to consolidate in my life?

Here you write believes you want to implement to your life, for example: I’m successful, I’m genius, I’m lovable and relaxed person etc.
After you finished writing all the sentences and answers for the questions there are additional steps you have to do:
A. You read all your questions and answers out loud! The gratitude part you read at least two times! You need to feel how you really appreciate your things in life and not just read it like an article; you must involve emotion in this reading.

B. After you finished reading out loud you heading back to the first question, read it, and start to imagine it happening. You must see the event clearly as possible, and of course evolve emotion and feelings.

That’s it, you have done it! I want to congratulate you for taking your life under your responsibility and aspire to have the best.
I want to discuss important terms in order this to work effectively:
You must have free physical energy and ataric energy. Brief explanation what those energies mean – the physical energy to have full with it you just need to eat healthy, exercise and sleep well, just be in good general health. However, Ataric energy is coming from the universe through your body channels, chakras, and paths. To expand those there are certain exercises you could do but mostly you attitude, environment of people and what you do in life has big influence on it. If you are working in stressful job and coming back home from work not tired physically and you feel mentally you just have enough energy to watch TV, you have your Ataric energy in low amount. To the sum, you have to have enough of both energies to success with this technique effectively.

Persistence – You must do this every day, I recommend you to do it first thing in the morning when you get up because this time usually you don’t have anything on your mind and you are in a relaxed state. It will take about an hour and maybe more in the beginning, you will know exactly if you have enough Ataric energy to do it, if you feel lazy to do it, probably its low. My main point you need to do it regularly, the same as you brush your teeth every day. That’s one of the reason why I asked to write a date.

Patience – Manifestation takes time, you need to ignore the time factor because you are making this work as you have already got everything written right now. The more times you try to look and be confused (why it doesn’t happening? Maybe something wrong) to longest to the universe will take time to manifest it. The simple reason for that because you sending universe mixed signals, in one hand you have this, but in the second you saying you don’t have. Just be aware of it and try to avoid this kind of behavior and e patient.

Well, this is pretty much it, another reason why I asked you to write date and use big notebook is to follow your progress. Over the years, it’s very amazing and interesting to thick V in the accomplished successfully requests. Sometimes you could acknowledge something already came to your life after you read you notebook again. It’s quite Amazing.
This work it’s only between you and the creation only! Its privet, you don’t share anything specific about you wish with no one! Especially if the request hasn’t manifested yet.

Good luck!
Dmitri Biletzki.

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