Freedom in our modern western society

One of our basic rights is freedom. But the question is: are we really free in our western society way of living. I’m writing now from New Zealand and not taking into account 3d world countries which probably have more freedom that people who participate in the system.

The inspiration for this article came to me from conversation with a colleague of mine. She told me that she owns a house in major New Zealand city but with law restrictions from her passed away parents and she is obligated to make decisions regards this house with  other family members she disgusted to communicate with. In order to have full ownership of the house she need to go through tough process of court which she emotionally not ready to engage with so she delaying this move all year after year. She wishes to travel the world for a year or two; this is her heart strongest desire, more than work and education which she wants as well. But because she obligated to generate income for this house, she can’t just leave the house and go away. So she noticed time passing by, year after year and nothing changed.

I encouraged her regards her awakening the time is limited and passing by fast in addition to acknowledgment of her current dream of travelling. But did she noticed that the attachment to this 4 walls basically making her sacrifice her freedom! Is this deal really worth it?

Allot of people buying apartment/houses and taking huge loans that they need to pay all their life.

People paying rent to strangers in order to live and they have to work in order to pay rent.

People who own houses without any debt to banks still need to pay taxes- power, water. This is still not freedom because you obligated to pay on something to the system.

Is this material, matrix, debt system social structure of living gives us the real freedom we desire? Can we decide just not to go to work for a year or two and do nothing and still be able to live comfortable life? Most of us can’t!

How people accepted the reality that in order to exist you need to sacrifice your most precious limited gift – time.

These days the topic about accommodation is extremely popular and will influence allot our sense of freedom and the time we actually will need to spend at work.

What is the purpose of house?

House need to provide us several answers to our basic needs:

  • Protection from extreme weather. So it means when we are getting inside our house the temperature is comfortable and we are dry. No wind access.
  • Protection from bugs, dangerous people.
  • Privacy
  • Social gatherings
  • Comfortable place to sleep/work/cook
  • Emotional shelter and comfort: the idea that we have a place that belongs to us that we can close the curtains and be in complete privacy and emotional comfort. Place that we can return after very busy day.
  • Storage of our precious belongings.

I will describe several options from my point of view what the real freedom living looks like:

You have your own section of land which you allowed to build any type of home that you want.

You have your own fruit trees and greenhouses and land section which have food growing all year around.

You have solar panels/water generators/Tesla power technologies/wind turbines which generate green electricity all year around.

You have water accumulation system which accumulates rain water/ water pump from rivers/streams.

You have composting system which you use in your toilet and food leftovers as fertilisers for your soil to grow food.

What it basically means? That you make everything that you need to exist without the need of non-ending payment to someone else!

Option two:

To eliminate the need for rent for young people who want to live dynamic life.

You own a tiny self sustained off grid house which enable you to tow it all around New Zealand.

This house has the same characteristics like the previous house but without the food growing option which is amazing bargain as well. This option actually gives you other kind of freedom – you can move all around New Zealand and don’t be stuck in one place.

For people who want to make tiny house on fixed place he could make the same living as the previous description.

Additional option is to gather lots of same minded people and participate in tiny house community which lots of people create a village who everyone helps each other with this way of living and with food growth.

Why is hard today to own a house and have freedom?

In order to answer that question you need to think from the system point of view.

Short explanation, what do I mean by “system”:

The people who are responsible of the money debt base financial structures, World governments, Job market, the Rotchild’s and Rockfelers families, Big corporations, main stream education system, Mainstream media.

If people had a real freedom to do what they really want and will have their own houses, grow their own food, generate their own electricity and collect their rain water, what will happen?

The finance system will collapse. The banking system will collapse because we are living the debt based financial system. The more people are in debt the more prosperous the banks are. Most of the banks fortunes are from mortgages which people pay for the houses which not worth the prices they being sold.

The government will always encouraged plans that will make the house prices permanently rise because it’s beneficial to the system! If a person is obligated to pay the debt mortgage on his house he must go to work even though he don’t want to because he will lose his home.

Homeless people who you see in the streets are the people who only put stress on the system because they don’t work and don’t own homes so they are useless in terms of the system needs.

In the USA, the governments are hunting those people who are trying to live off grid and they are trying to make this activity illegal. Collecting rain water is illegal in some states! In New Zealand you need to pay tax if you are creating energy from solar panels. Since when sun energy became government owned recourse?

So the more the people are having less freedom, the more benefits it’s for the system, vice verse is correct as well.

That’s the main reason why most of young people are struggling to fulfil their basic need for accommodation these days. Everything is pre planed and there are people who are dictating these planes. You need to be aware of all that.

Think always what’s the most important for you to have in this life and not for the system.

So what the real freedom is?

  • If we decide not to work, we don’t for how long we want!
  • If we want to go travelling for several years and came back to our house whenever we want to.
  • We are free from any kind of debt/bills/rent/tax.
  • The information we are putting into ourselves it’s complete in our control.
  • We have free time to do what we really want to do without any obligations!
  • If we are working, it’s only because we want to and enjoy doing this specific role, not because of paying debt.

In the sum, I challenge you to think about your life and look for how much time you spent to fulfil systems needs instead your own. The goal is to live in the system but not being part of it some untill major changes will accrue. The changes are justice, affordable housing. Freedom of choice regards work, education, medicine, travelling. Eventually will be a fair financial system which won’t enslave the masses but grant them the option to be creative free spirits. We are all responsible for this change to occur, For the benefits of our life and the next generations.


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