Recently i started exercising very frequently and been drinking lots of tap water. The water tasted very badly but most importantly I didn’t felt right to my body. So I took action. In Auckland the water are treated with chlorine and different chemicals, but the mostly I was concerned about the fluoride.

Fluoride (Hydrofluoric Acid) define by science as a neurotoxin which cause long term and short term damages to your health, awareness, behaviour, spiritually. Water fluoridation banned in most Europe countries, will be interesting to explore why don’t you think? Maybe they know something. There is plenty of information in science books and over the internet which proves those facts so it won’t be another article about that matter. But this article will talk about how this chemical involve in your life and how to avoid it. The reason which all the government’s which choses to fluride the water claim, including New Zealand ministry of health and I quote “Fluoride is a natural substance that helps protect our teeth by making them stronger and by reducing tooth decay. It exists naturally in air, soil, fresh water, sea water, plants and in lots of food”

Why it doesn’t make any sense? In general there is no scientific proof that places that put this fluoride into the water system have any major difference in the cavities and tooth decay compare to unfluoridated places. In addition, who can control the amounts of fluoride which enters your body? There are babies who it may be very toxic to them in some amounts for and less for adults which has bigger bodies. Most babies don’t have teeth! Finlaly fluoride it’s an acid, one of the strongest one which can make holes in concrete. How could it protect your teeth?

How frequently we exposed to fluoride?

1) In the tap water. The first explosion is the tap water, when you are getting up in the morning, heating your water, its makes the fluoride be more obtainable to your body. So basically your morning coffee is full with accessible fluoride.

2) In your fruits and vegetables. Most of the fruits and vegetables that you are eating which been grown in area that the water supply has fluoride has been watered with fluoridated water.  Unless you buying organic, and this not give you guarantee as well.

3) In the bathroom. When you are showering or taking a bath the fluoride is going through your skin to your system, its absorbs allot stronger when you taking hot showers and when it steams you are breathing the fluoride.

As you can see, the man who thought about adding this chemical to the water supply was smart. It’s very hard to avoid it if you are living in the city and not in rural area.

So what can you do in a personal level?

1) Buy Genuine water filtration system – Reverse osmoses Or distillatory.  Those are the only systems which clean all the metals, chlorine and most importantly the fluoride. Those systems reverse the water to their base level. What does it mean? No fluoride. The water is pure. One disadvantage with that is when you drink pure water like this, they are not alive. It means it will consume minerals from your body as base water do. How to solve this issue?

A. You can imitate nature. Think that after raining, the water land on a mountain, goes through river, touches rocks and stones and gain minerals, goes through sunlight. This stage you can do in your home. You need to put the water in big glass container, add specific rocks in the bottom of the container and put it for a few days in front of the sun. After that you need to run the water through Aquadisk. Then you will have purest clean and tastiest water you will ever drink. The effects on your body will shock you.

B. Compensate with healthy plant based diet nutrition. If your diet in plant based and healthy, you should be fine. But if you diets aren’t, you may have nutritional deficiencies.

3) Go live in area which you know that you don’t have water fluoridation.

4) Court law suit – you need to understand that your basic health and safety right are being violated. In Israel there is law suit against specific people in the government and ministry of health which working retrieving the fluoride back the water supply in Israel after it was banned for some time. But the chemical companies in pressure so they trying to get it back.

I covered here only the fluoride, but you should know your water consist of lots of other chemicals and metals which accumulate in your body. So having water filtration system is very important step for you health if you not living on a mountain with pure spring water. Our body consist mostly from water and our mood is very affected from the water we drink. Water also preserves energetic information.

In the sum, if you are living in the city it’s not easy to avoid all the fluoride, but you can decrease you exposure tremendously with the steps I suggested.

I bought recently the 3 stage Reverse Osmosis filter, its portable, you can talk it with you even if you are travelling, changing flats. It can be connected to garden tap and i will give you clean water everywhere.

Stay healthy.

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