The exchange of energies

What is one of the things that really matters in life?

By Dmitri Biletzki

You are exchanging energies all the time, in order to live you exchange the energy with nature – to breath air which the plants made the oxygen and you feeding the plants with the CO2 which comes outsides your lungs. You are eating plant-based food in order to survive – its indirect exchange of energies with the sun, air and earth power. And some of us are exchanging this direct energy from the sun and earth.

I’m not mentioning Animal products because it’s entirely unessential activity for our survival and daily living. I’m not mentioning manufactured processed products because they cannot be called “Food”. And most importantly its encumbrance on our body and make us waste energy instead of observing it.

When we are going to pass out next from this world, what we really want to remember, what’s really important?

The amounts of studies that you did, the books that you have read, the grades that somebody marked your papers with? The level of a degree that you hold? No.

The knowledge that you have learned, use it to help others to succeed with their life lessons. If you know something, don’t hold this information to yourself or specific people, don’t be mingy. You will know which person needs it the most. Share and give.

The exchange of energies.

Is it the amounts of money that you earn? The job that you have? The routine that you do daily? The house and cars and all the material possession that you can afford in compare to what others can’t?  No.

The appreciation and the positive feedback that you get from other people when you are working it’s what counts. From your colleagues, from your manager, from friends and all you environment.

The exchange of energies.

Entertainment, why we are participating with different entertainment activities? To learn something, to invest our time in something that we consider worthwhile and will make us feel good. For some people it’s for avoid boredom. For Some people its escape and avoid pain. What is one of the most excruciating pain that people can experience?

It is loneliness.


Because it’s the state that the person not exchanging energies with other people so he is investing those energies into negativity – pain and suffering.

The exchange of energies Interfered .

Intimate connection with other people. When you look deep into the other person eyes, you see them, you see them in the soul level, and they are exposed. But most mostly, you see yourself. When you spending the time with certain people they are mirror projection of your own self. The people who came into your life right now are the manifestation of your willing of change. It’s the implication of the new energies that you wish to give and receive in this point of your life.

This is the most powerful reward that we get from the universe. The direct exchange of energies with other people, and specific people who you can be totally yourself, exposed, and be connected to the energy of love fully in their presence. Those are the people that you need to keep closed to yourself, cherish them and help them grow and learn their own life lessons.

The exchange of energies.

Love, connection to other people, the tiny experiences that you share with one another which are unique and you cannot replicate them even if you try to do it with the same person again.
How do you know who is the right person to be exposed to? There are several key rules:

1) When you connect to them, less logic involve, you follow you heart, inner guidance.

2) The sense of time and awareness of the environment, other people, tasks, planes, responsibilities diminishing when you are totally present with them in the moment.

3) The person is encouraging you to grow, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and new energies opened up within you that you never knew they exist. The person wont limit your development because of egoistic behaviour, it’s up to them be aware of that.

4) When you give out from yourself to him/her, you do it willingly, from the heart, and get rewarded, regenerated, empower by giving. When you give to someone something from a logic sense like responsibly or commitment, you’ll get drain energy out of yourself and won’t get rewarded from the universe.

5) You feel you capable of giving them the similar amount that you receive from them. Your sense of “level” is similar.

The exchange of energies. Direct food for the soul.

We are working and earning money to survive. We are looking for better job and higher education to get better job and higher payment. We are looking for more comfortable life, easier life but sometimes when we have it, it’s not enough, and you feel something is missing.
What is missing? You name it – Freedom, challenge, excitement, mystery.

What is missing?

The exchange of energies. The ultimate reward.

Learn to exchange energies in a way the universe will always reward you. This means you’re are following your path and learning the lessons which you initiated to learn in this life time.

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