Greeting dear readers,

In this post I’ll try to summarize the main questions about important topics which influence our daily life.

The main purpose is to awake people. I see lots of people around me stuck in their daily routine and not asking important questions. Our world is going to higher vibrations of thinking, a lot of changers are about to happened, and most important change has to happen in your consciousness.

Lets begin.

Food and nutrition:

  • What am I eating why I’m eating this? What is consider to be food and for what creature?
  • What is the best nutrition for human beings?
  • How do I need to feel after I’m eating?
  • If we looking in nature, when we drink milk and from who? Why we drink milk from other animal and after we grew mature?
  • What kinds of food our teeth made to crush?
  • What is happening to different kinds of foods after we finished chewing and swallow?
  • What is the real role of food in my life?
  • Where the water we drink is made or draws from? How it gets to us? What process it goes through?
  • Regards my most popular products which I consume, do I know/checked/seen how they made? (For example how fruits are grown or how chocolate bar is made and from what?)
  • Who dictate the food pyramids? What is the healthiest food pyramid?


  • What does it mean to be healthy? Not feeling pain is enough or there is some other state for good/bad health?
  • What is the difference between people who life above 100 years. They can walk, run, and look good compared to people in their 70’s, almost paralyzed with degenerative diseases, tired and consume dozens of medications?
  • Are vaccines are good to us? What the vaccines contain? Are the material in the vaccines is good to our body?
  • What are my GP doctor motives? What my GP doctor knows about health? Where and what did he studied? Who approved his knowledge and what is the criteria which the state approves the doctors?
  • What kinds of medicine there are? What is the most effective medicine today for each disease?


  • Who owns and operates the media channels? What are this media channel motives to provide me certain information?
  • What is my privacy level when I use smart TV, Phones and other devices? Do I read the terms of use and know what I’ve been agreed on?
  • What are my tele-communication sources? Do I trust them and why? There are alternative sources?
  • How certain teleprograms/shows/movies influence my mood and feelings?


  • Can I describe the ideal partner for me regards behavior, strengths, weaknesses, appearance, sexual energy, wisdom, traits, assertiveness, goal, aspirations, awareness, consciousness, food habits etc.
  • Do I know how my relationships should be look like and if it’s close to reality?
  • What kind of relationship do I seek and why?
  • Am I jealous person? Why?
  • What are my red lines in the relationship? Why until that point?
  • What love means to me in life?
  • What can I offer/give to the other person in a relationship? Why should anybody want a relationships with me?
  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • Who are my real friends? Do I have real friends? What do I expect from real friendship?

Work and career:

  • What interests me? What occupation will make my life an holiday? To what doing ill want to get up every morning and do?
  • What are my specific wealth goals?
  • To whom will i prefer to donate money?
  • Where money is being made? By who? How? Who is supervising the people who creating the money? Who gave paper money a value and who agreed to value of certain paper and why?
  • Why the fewest people in the world are the very wealthy and the most majority of population are very poor?


  • Who I am?
  • Why do I exist? What is my life purpose?
  • If some ask you, who you are, so how do you describe yourself? Who are you? – I am social worker (why do you describe yourself by your profession?) I am a father (why you describe yourself as a parent) are those descriptions are really what you are?
  • How much time the world really exists? (5000 years like the bible is saying?) Or millions of years like some Science theories demonstrate?
  • What is the maximum of human potential and where I stand?
  • How people think on new invention? Where the knowledge comes from if it wasn’t existed before?
  • What is the main objective of wars? Who is creating them? Why?
  • Am I really happy?
  • What is the real history of the world? I can you be sure if you wasn’t there when everything you being told happened?


  • What is my attitude towards time? Am I spending my time or investing my time?
  • Am I investing my time in the right people, occupation, relationship, environment, country, activities?
  • Imagine being 90 years old, after your planes will be accomplished, would you be satisfied with your life ways? Regards – how you treated people, what you gave to humanity, what you received for yourself?
  • If I had only one day/month/year to live, what are the things I’ll do that day? Who are the people I’ll be around with? What will I do with my wealth and property?


The more questions you can answer to yourself about your life the more aware you are.

Remember that a person cannot know everything, but he knows what makes him good and his life path.

To be updated (last update 13/6/2016)

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