About me

Psychosocial background

Kia ora,

I was born with build in character as my parents defined me. I didn’t listen to them in almost everything, why? Because I questioned reality before even knowing a language.

I had my own opinions and thoughts how to do things.

In school I was different physically and mentally, I didn’t understand why I need to bully something in order to be popular? My female classmate came to me and asked “why are you afraid to hit someone?

Because I was different physically and mentally kids are bullied me, I wasn’t popular at school until certain point. I find out that I have issues, lots of questions and no answers. At that point I wasn’t aware that social workers or counselors exist to assist in those matters. Thus, When I was 14 I started reading adult psychology books about human behavior. I integrated the theory with field work, I went out and met strangers to learn how to Build friendly and romantic relationships. I learned to overcome my shyness and felt great because I made a lot of my psychological walls to collapse and threw away unneeded mental garbage I had. When I became 18 I’ve already started to help people and friends to breaks their own walls and masks.

Eventually I decided to make my experience into profession, that’s when I studied social work. My training was focused on individual, family and group therapies. I Researched family and relationships topic. My practical training as a Probation officer taught me to analyze human character in professional high level.

After graduation was working full time in mental health and addiction sector.

Next I worked as social worker in mental health hostel, been responsible on 18 mentally diagnosed schizophrenia patients. The goal of each patient was different but the main goal of all was to rehabilitate and involve in a normal life in the community.

Later I worked with entirely different population – elderly. Those people are very unique most of the patients could not make basic operation like shower, walk or make themselves something to eat. And most important – the loneliness, after 90 lots of them lost all them beloved ones and coping with really extreme mental situations.

This experience taught me a lot about life, human psychology and better variety of ways how can I help you making your life better. 

In 2016 I moved to New Zealand and expanded my knowledge through studying addictions graduate diploma at Wellington institute of technology. While I was studying I continued working in mental health and addiction sector. In that year I graduated, qualified and registered as a social worker (At Social work registration board) and addictions practitioner (with DAPAANZ). There professional bodies recognized my competence is high enough to meet the registration criteria.  

Today I’m working full time as social worker and Aod practitioner at the Northland District Health Board   

Spiritual background

Simultaneously to my psychosocial development, the spiritual aspect has grown as well.

When I was 16 I watched to movie “The secret” and from that moment the spiritual door has opened to me and I discovered fascinating world beyond reasoning.

I watched the movie over and over again, took notes, and basically case studied it. Similarly as I always combine theory with practice, I had done the same. I followed through the instruction, made an order from the universe and received it after certain period of time. It felt like complete magic and I was very happy from the results.

The “law of attraction” teachings were very basic and I continued to explore further the principles of how the universe works.

Following that, I encountered with a big life challenge and I couldn’t find any solution to achieve what I wanted. I failed to achieve the wanted outcome again and again. I was so frustrated and though about the dilemma all the time so I eventually decided to escape. I chose to go to really hard physical job that I will be so tired that I won’t able to think about anything. But meanwhile I continued to maintain the spiritual work to achieve my goal.

Then I happened!

I was experienced my first prophesy dream! I received mysteries guidance! The dream was actually about the future day, what I’m going to do, say, behave to achieve my outcome, clear instructions same like watching a guide to a level in a computer game. In that moment when I woke up, I knew 100% that I will receive my outcome, and I did! The same day that I dreamed, I went through it again in reality again, that’s was astonishing and beyond any logical explanation.    

Through the years I continued to experience those prophesy dreams when I was looking for solutions.

When I came to the point that the law of attraction results sometimes worked and sometimes not, I wanted to understand why? But the books of “the secret” didn’t give me those answers.

Then I found out about Transurfing Reality (By Vadim Zeland)

At that time when I was 20, only 6 books existed. I ordered all of them and read them nonstop from morning till night even though I had university to attend. I just could not stop because for me it was genius knowledge and it made sense to me so much but most importantly gave me answers.

I continued building my Life based on the Transurfing principles to achieve the highest quality of life and build the reality that I really wanted. In short it consists of How you Think, How you move and what is your nutrition (information, air, water, food). Further about those aspects I will cover at our appointment.

My spiritual development continued through trainings like past life regression therapy, different aspects of Parapsychology, Lucid dreaming and lots of reading.

When immigrating to New Zealand from Israel I attended many mind-body-spirit events, spiritual churches and was a part of spiritual development group. I had a teacher In New Zealand who introduced me to Mediumship and taught me white light healing.

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